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Labyrinth at Cumberland First Baptist Church

Cumberland First Baptist Church is a community of faith united in exploring what it means to follow the way of Jesus Christ, to be a people of God and to love and care for our neighbors and the whole created order. As a church we will recognize no circles of exclusion, no walls that separate, no boundaries that can't be crossed and no loyalties above those which we owe to God.

All are welcome to join the journey!

What does this mean in reality?

Cumberland First Baptist is a community devoted to transformative expressions of life, lived in Jesus' name!

The Bible, while our sourcebook, is not a recipe book for life. Pat answers no longer satisfy. We know life is more complex than sound bites. To read the Bible is to make meaning through interpretation.

Just like our lives, the Bible carries multiple meanings and won't be reduced to stale doctrines.

Religious diversity surrounds us like never before, crying out for open interfaith dialogue about common lived values and experiences.

While grounded in a rich tradition of community and American Baptist life, Cumberland is a church energetically engaged in reformulating faith's questions and living fresh answers to them.

Worship with us at 10am, in-person and online.

Please watch this space, Facebook, and Twitter (@CumberlandFBC) for news and announcements. We're experimenting with hybrid forms of gathering, so that those that are waiting to be vaccinated or those that are vunderable can reach out and connect.

The Delta Variant of the COVID-19 virus is now understood to be not only extremely contagious but also transmissible to others, even by those who are fully vaccinated. Therefore, UNTIL more Hoosiers and Americans become vaccinated, the smart and ethical choice is to continue to mask in indoor gatherings, including in the church. In this way we will reduce the likelihood that we get infected and infect others, especially those ineligible for vaccination-- children and youth. Again, the best way for any of us to get through this is for all of us to get vaccinated and take precautions.

If you wish to speak to a church representative, please call the church office at 317-750-5873 between the hours of 10a-12p on Tuesdays and Thursdays.

In this moment of uncertainty, we find ourselves falling back on faith community for comfort, guidance and inspiration. Though our lives are now distanced, our congregational ministry remains strong and present, and so must be our support of it. All that you do to provide for our faith family financially is a deeply felt blessing. Now more than ever, that blessing is needed, as our staff helps us navigate this crisis with resolute hope.

An easy way to give is to use the DONATE button on our page here and follow the prompts.

However, because Givelify, PayPal, and every other service charges a fee for every transaction, the best way to stretch your giving is to write a check and send via old fashioned snail mail!

However, whatever you give, we are grateful, as we strive to walk as Jesus walked in this and every season! Thank you!

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