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Justice and Service at Cumberland First Baptist Church

Echoing the strong Christian and Baptist peace and justice traditions, Cumberland FBC exercises a strong witness on social issues, from civil rights to human rights, care for the vulnerable to care for the Earth.

Cumberland hosts Community Outreach Ministry Eastside, a clearing house for addressing the needs of the most needy among us, and is an active participant in the Eastside Creation Care Network, part of the Interfaith Power & Light movement, devoted to reducing our carbon footprint on our fragile climate and championing renewable sources of energy. In these ways and more, Cumberland FBC endeavors to live out our gospel mandate to be stewards of the Earth, the vulnerable, and the future.

Community Outreach Ministry Eastside (COME)

COME began in 1988 as an outgrowth of the food pantry at Cumberland First Baptist Church. Today ten area churches are united to sustain this local outreach ministry, reaching out to the financial needs within our community. COME is designed to assist with utility bills, rent and mortgage payments, referrals to other agencies and of course, food. The ministry acts as a referral agency, working in tandem with area township trustees, to get clients headed in other directions where they might receive assistance that COME is unable to provide. Average total assistance is in excess of $40,000.00 annually.

We have volunteer opportunities for anyone interested in working in a local outreach ministry. Consider joining a team that has a proven track record of success since 1988! COME is God's people working together to serve others. Consider becoming a volunteer and enrich your community! To learn about volunteer opportunities, contact COME46229 [a t] gmail [dot] com

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Eastside Peace and Justice Forum

The mission of the Eastside Peace and Justice Forum (ESPJF) is to inform and promote awareness of issues that affect the common good and to present opportunities for involvement in causes that encourage peace and justice in our community and around the world. These opportunties are in several different areas:

Eastside Creation Care Network

The Eastside Creation Care Network (ECCN) is a group of Indianapolis eastside churches with a common concern about energy reduction and the effects of climate change on the world. The mission of the ECCN is to engage people of faith in care for the earth. All faiths are invited to participate in this initiative.

Member groups include Cumberland First Baptist Church, Downey Avenue Christian Church, Eastgate Christian Church (DOC), Emerson Avenue Baptist Church, Englewood Christian Church, Shalom Mennonite Church and St. Matthew's Episcopal Church. The churches share ideas and support each other in their earth stewardship programs.

ECCN works to educate the congregations of the member churches and the general public through Film Series that are usually held in the spring and fall. ECCN is a vocal force with other area environmental groups.

Energy costs are a huge expense for churches. Cutting energy costs will allow a faith community to have more money for mission projects and other church needs. ECCN helps identify ways that churches and faith communities can save money by implementing utility reduction measures. ECCN is an affiliate of Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light. For more information contact Pastor Watkins at wyatt [ a t ]

Eastside Creation Care Network

Each fall we participate in the Greater Indianapolis CROP Walk to help end hunger one step at a time.

The Weekday Preschool has been a non-profit ministry of Cumberland First Baptist Church since 1977. The preschool is under the direction of a Preschool Committee dedicated to providing a quality learning opportunity for preschool age children. The staff strives to provide a warm, positive introduction to each child's education journey, making learning a fun and desirable experience. Students are given the opportunity to grow in the areas of academic, spiritual, emotional, mental, physical and social development. Helping children to feel good about themselves, others, and the world around them is a primary goal. Denominational doctrine is not stressed, but values, character and faith through Christian living are taught and exemplified by a committed and qualified staff.

The CFBC Green Team works to raise awareness within the church membership about global warming issues and earth stewardship. The Green Team supports action now to cut greenhouse gas emissions so that the worst effects of climate change can be averted.

The team sponsors Task of the Month, a program developed by Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light. Task of the Month is an easy way for someone to implement home energy reduction measures. Each month has a "Task" such as weathering doors and windows, or installing low flow shower heads, etc. Participants do the designated "task" each month and at the end of the year have accomplished twelve home energy reduction measures. If you have questions, contact Candy Brisson at mcbrisson3 [at]

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